The Next Generation in Hotel Management 


  • Website development

  • Brand inception and refinement

  • Social media account creation

  • Community relations & outreach


  • Property acquisition

  • New construction

  • Facility design & development

  • Interior design & deployment

  • Asset sourcing

Hotel Development 

Developing a new hotel from the ground up or remodeling an existing property presents a myriad of potential challenges. Overcoming zoning hurdles, obtaining the respective permits, and entire construction oversight can cause delays with time and increase the cost of the project. The extensive experience of the OceansV team enables us to anticipate and handle these challenges cost efficiently. 

An initial consultation will lay out the goals and the needs of your project, and together we can determine a comprehensive course of action and timeline to build an outstanding hotel.

Since we are able to come in at any stage of your project, from inception to the pre-opening phase, we can effectively fulfill your operational and financial objectives.​

Human Resources

  • Recruitment of senior management

  • Creation of employee manual

  • Development of corporate policies

  • Implementation of employee benefits plan